• Sheffield People on Place 2017

    Guest post: The right to great design (Sheffield)

    By Leo Care Democratising Design With its socialist political roots, it is perhaps no surprise that a conversation about great design in Sheffield should be focused on people and the social impact of design. Early on, the discussion touched on the importance of creating places and spaces that bring people together, support core human needs, […]

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  • People, place and value: the golden triangle?

    The day after our debate ‘People, place and value: the golden triangle?’ I spent the afternoon at Goldsmiths Community Centre (in Grove Park, South London) with some of the centre’s members and I was struck by the value of this group of people to their place, and the value of their place to them. ‘Place […]

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  • Debate round-up: How can great places create value for local people?

    ‘How can great places create value for local people?’ was the question posed at the first debate in our national series Putting People in their Place in partnership with The Academy of Urbanism, held in Glasgow on Wednesday 10 October 2012. The setting was an old covered market in Glasgow’s Barras area (Barras Art & […]

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