Learning from the front line of community led design

After four fantastic years at The Glass-House, I am leaving at the end of this week to start a new challenge. Here’s what I’ve learned from my experiences:

  • Design heals all wounds – coming together to work on the fundamentals of how to make a place better has the power to resolve tensions within a community.
  • Everyone is creative – no matter how much they argue to the contrary, everyone is able to respond to our creative activities in a positive way and use them to come up with exciting and solutions.
  • Community Led Design happens regardless of the agenda – it doesn’t matter what’s happening politically, people will always be working at a local level to improve where they live. Even when there is no money, community groups make changes happen.
  • Collaboration is key – Our most successful projects are those which a wide range of people have meaningfully contributed and respectfully worked together.
  • You can’t beat a cuppa – I’ve found that creating an informal atmosphere is the best way to make people feel at ease to explore their true feelings about their vision for their project.
  • Small is powerful – considering it’s size, The Glass-House manages to support an overwhelming number of groups and individuals and have a big influence on the sector. I am proud to have been part of such a small team with such huge successes.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work for The Glass-House and collaborate with our Enablers, community groups, academics and other professionals over the years.

Hannah facilitating a workshop for The Glass-House