As well as occasionally contributing to invitation-only events, The Glass-House organises and/or contributes to a wide range of public events held across the UK.

Here you’ll find information on upcoming and recent events.

Upcoming events

  • Reconfiguring Place: Intergenerational Cities
    17 Oct, 19
  • Community engagement: collaborative design techniques
    03 Oct, 19

Recent events

  • 13th European Biennial of Towns and Town Planners 2019 | Planning Fringe
    11 Sep, 19
  • Training for architects: community-led design in historic faith buildings
    09 Jul, 19
  • 21st Hertfordshire Housing Conference
    Kirdford walkabout 2010
    14 May, 19
  • Engaging communities in design decision-making
    30 Apr, 19
  • Mobilising change: towards collaborative design
    26 Mar, 19


Would you like The Glass-House to contribute to an event you're organising? Get in touch at or on 0207 490 4583.