• Creative Makerspaces

    This project seeks to develop a novel and inclusive means of fostering creative citizens in China through strategic use of co-design and public makerspaces.

  • Empowering Design Practices: Bow Church Community Workshop

    Empowering Design Practices

    This live project is exploring how community-led design can help empower those who look after historic places of worship to create more open, vibrant and sustainable places.

  • Prototyping Utopias 2016 at the Utopia Fair

    Prototyping Utopias

    The Prototyping Utopias project created ‘spaces for dreaming’ for local people and organisations in Bow, East London, to share their visions and ideals for a utopian place.

  • Bridging the Gap

    A project that explored the relationship between academic researchers and the communities in which they work.

  • Scaling up co-design poster

    Scaling up impact and reach through co-design

    A project which looked at how co-design practices could extend the reach and impact of the work of civil society organisations.

  • Unearth Hidden Assets through Community Co-Design and Co-Production

    A collaborative research project with academics, practitioners and communities looking at how creative and collaborative activities could unlock potential in people and places.

  • Scaling up design champions

    This 'cross-pollination' project set out to empower new design champions by supporting young people and those with 'silent' voices through media and place.

  • Tidworth Mums: a case for soft play

    Unearth Hidden Assets: Tidworth Mums

    Working with the Open University and local partners, we helped Tidworth Mums to uncover and mobilise their assets, and build the case for soft play in their area.

  • Scaling up design education

    Part of the Scaling up co-design project, we ran a workshop with Master of Design students at Brunel University to get students thinking about place in the context of their own design practice.

  • Media, Community and the Creative Citizen

    This three-year, collaborative research project set out the explore how creative citizenship can bring value to communities and how these efforts can be enhanced or sustained in a changing media landscape.