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Project Summary

Wards Corner is an early Edwardian building in the London Borough of Haringey. It functioned as a department and furnishing store until 1972.  Since then, it has been threatened with demolition to make way for redevelopment of the area.  The Wards Corner Community Coalition is made up of local traders, community groups and residents associations who were opposed to a council redevelopment scheme for the site. 

Project Background

Now partially owned by Transport for London, the market building was proposed as the first of three projects to regenerate the area. The council's initial proposals included demolishing the locally listed Wards Corner building to make way for 200 modern homes.

Wards Corner Community Coalition came together to prevent the demolition of public place and displacement of people. They are a grassroots campaign struggling to remove barriers of inequality and reclaim the ‘Right to Place’ and involvement in the planning process.

Glass-House Involvement

The Glass-House brought in the help of East Architecture for a two-day design workshop to support Wards Corner Coalition. The aim was to enable the group to develop their understanding of the complex planning issues relevant to the regeneration scheme. 

The workshops involved: analysing case studies of other regeneration schemes involving markets; a study visit of the Wards Corner building; the group creating a documentary of the area using photographs and interviews to create a shared vision of the area, and model making to visualise different options.

Community Involvement

In 2009, over 300 people attended a large public meeting to propose alternative plans for the redevelopment of Wards Corner. Wards Corner hold regular meetings and have submitted an alternative plan.

Project Support Outcomes

The Wards Corner Coalition finished the process with a variety of resources including the documentary and models which could then be used in their ongoing engagement with any redevelopment of Wards Corner.

Response from the Group

Latest Update from the Group

On Tue 22nd June 2010 The Court of Appeal stood by the Community of Tottenham and ruled in our favour, quashing the application by developers, Grainger.

In December 2011 members of the Wards Corner Community Coalition attended our Neighbourhoods by Design course to work on their community plan for the area, including the Wards Corner building itself.

June 2012 - Haringey Council granted approval for Grainger's revised plan to demolish Wards Corner. The Community Coalition continue to work on their alternative community plan and petition against the Grainger proposal.

WCC developed their community plan proposals, led by local architect Abigail Stevenson. The Glass-House connected the group with two of our collaborative research projects (Valuing Community-Led Design and Media, Community and the Creative Citizen). Through a co-design process in the Creative Citizens project, the group used online engagement platform Stickyworld to share their plans and engage more local people in their initiative. The proposal received enthusiastic support and 222 comments on Stickyworld fed into the consultation process for the submitted community plan.

The plan was approved by Haringey Council in April 2014.


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Wards Corner Community Coalition

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Tottenham, London


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How The Glass-House helped

2-day bespoke design workshop

Project Support Outcomes

Wards Corner Community Coalition finished the process with a variety of resources including the documentary and models which could then be used in their ongoing engagement with any redevelopment of Ward's Corner.

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Neighbourhoods by Design Training Course: December 2011

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East Architects