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Debate Series 2015/16

A Place for Everyone? Debate Series 2015/16

This year’s Series has emerged from discussions we have observed and participated in around the common elements in place that bring us together, the points of tension within them, and the role of the individual and the community.

In partnership with the Open University and the Academy of Urbanism, we want to explore how we design and shape our environment today to create a place for everyone and what that means for concepts like shared assets and common good, alongside individual aspirations, ownership, diversity and, rights and responsibilities.

Edinburgh / 21 October 2015
Place: designed for sharing?

Manchester / 11 November 2015
Place: the sum of parts?

Nottingham / 3 February 2016
Place: a shared responsibility?

London / 9 March
Place: who belongs here?

We will have further information on each of the cities as the Series progresses. Please contact us if you would like to get involved or make a contribution.

Contact Lucia das Neves, our Marketing and Events Manager at lucia@theglasshouse.org.uk