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    Place: the sum of parts? Manchester Debate round up

    Last week we continued our Debate Series, A Place for Everyone?, with the question Place: the sum of parts? in Manchester. Place as people “Place is more than the sum of parts”, decried David Rudlin, Director at URBED. New places don’t have a “patina” of memory, tradition, belonging. These are the things that make up […]

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    Communities shaping places: Castlefield Forum

    By Carole Middleton Castlefield Forum is a great example of a community shaping a place in a city-centre conservation area. It is a voluntary, community group established with the key aim of making Castlefield an even better place for local residents, businesses, workers and visitors. Membership is open to anyone who lives, works or has […]

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    Place: the sum of parts? Think piece #3

    By John Bishop When I re-read the flyer for the debate, I realised that the Series title “A Place for Everyone?” is at the core of my research and practice as an artist and architect, that started with my designing nurseries and primary schools back in the late 60s. In my work over the 40 […]

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    New podcast / Place: designed for sharing?

                On 21 October in Edinburgh we launched our 2015/16 Debate Series with the question – Place: designed for sharing? Our three speakers, Cat Macaulay, Riccardo Marini and Sandra Sutton and many members of the audience shared stories of their experiences of creating, managing and using spaces for sharing. Listen […]

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    Place: the sum of parts? Think piece #2

    By Jez Hall A little story about Levenshulme’s secret lake (this piece leads on from Jez Hall’s first think piece for our Manchester debate ‘Place: the sum of parts?’) It doesn’t even have a name yet. A post industrial reservoir that fed a 19th century bleach works. Closed many years ago the site became derelict […]

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    Place: the sum of parts? Think piece #1

    By Jez Hall Place for a community to live The upcoming Glass-House Manchester debate on ‘Place, a sum of parts?’ has made me reflect on my own particular arc of experience as a layabout, activist, parent, and now a community capacity builder. Manchester is my home, a place I have raised my kids, earned my […]

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    Place: designed for sharing? A round-up of our recent Edinburgh debate

    Last Wednesday in Edinburgh, we held the first debate in our 2015/16 Series, A Place for Everyone?, which explores the common elements in place that bring us together and our role in shaping them, as communities and as individuals. Exploring the question ‘Place: designed for sharing?’, we prompted our audience with questions such as: is […]

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  • What makes a great place poster

    Collaboration for Innovation in Place – a breakfast workshop

    The Glass-House believes that collaboration in placemaking can significantly improve the quality of places and how people interact with them. On the morning of 29 September, we brought together a diverse group of people and organisations with a shared interest in place, and in particular around housing, to explore what we might do differently through […]

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  • Kings Cross Skip Garden 2013

    Place: designed for sharing? Think piece #1

    By Becca Thomas A place for everyone: socially engaged design and spaces “The true purpose of architecture is to help make human existence meaningful” Keith Bradley, The Happiness Inbetween, essay in Building Happiness. The creation of places for everyone, socially engaged spaces and the people to inhabit them is something that has had somewhat of […]

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    Hitchhiking meets social design

    “Every door you open you did think, well I wonder what I’m going to encounter this time…” The practice of hitchhiking presents many challenges and opportunities, as this quote (from an interview with an experienced hitchhiker) suggests. But are there things we can learn from it that can be useful to other social and cultural […]

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