• 2016 London Debate

    Place: who belongs here? A round-up of our 2016 London Debate

    In the final debate of our Series A Place for Everyone?, we set out to explore the theme of belonging and connectedness to place. Our setting was Stratford Circus Arts Centre in East London, which sits in a neighbourhood that has seen immense changes to its physical environment, with development for the 2012 Olympic Games […]

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  • Working together on a neighbourhood plan

    Place: who belongs here? Think piece #3

    Designing material infrastructures to facilitate common belonging By Toby Austin Locke and Lawrence Dodd What does it mean to belong, and how are feelings of belonging recreated and shared? Particularly in anthropological traditions, which form a part of both our backgrounds, social and cultural belonging has been a central question. The boundaries of the social […]

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  • 741-london-neighbs-st

    Community-led housing – building homes and capacity

    Housing. Whichever way you look at it, it’s an issue that defines our lives and our communities. With a ‘housing crisis’ currently playing out across the country, the need for additional homes is recognised throughout the nation: we are building, but not enough. Currently, homes are built mainly by private developers, social housing providers, and […]

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  • Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 21.19.46

    Podcast / Place: a shared responsibility?

    On 3 February, we held our first ever Nottingham debate, exploring the question – Place: a shared responsibility? Our speakers Michelle Saxton, Cllr Graham Chapman, Robert Evans and many members of the audience shared their views and experiences on the barriers and opportunities to how we can work better together as citizens with those responsible […]

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  • 1459-img_0297

    Place: who belongs here? Think piece #2

    By Joanna Massie Place: from a shared stake to shared responsibility What makes a sense of place – and how do you empower everybody in a community to feel proud of, and able to contribute to, where they live and work? And how do you build this sense of place, through strategic interventions – and […]

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  • h u g o d m a t g m a i l d o t c o m  LONDON MELA GUNNERSBURY PARK

    Place: who belongs here? Think piece #1

    By Dr Noha Nasser Place attachment and collective identity Public spaces are a fundamental feature of cities and urban culture; centres of civic life where people encounter each other, socialise, exchange goods and have face-to-face interactions. The quality, functionality and accessibility of public spaces in a city are commonly perceived to be a measure of […]

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  • 2016 Nottingham Debate

    Place: a shared responsibility? Nottingham responds..

    For our first ever debate in Nottingham, held on Wednesday 3 February, we discussed the question: ‘Place: a shared responsibility?’. What are the rights and responsibilities that we have in shaping our places? Are there new models of collaboration that we can try? Relationships in place shaping Many people in the audience raised the importance […]

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  • Bacton Low Rise regeneration, Gospel Oak

    Place: a shared responsibility? Think piece #3

    By Dr Andrew King A call for collaboration and sustainable relationships I find myself immediately drawn towards the topic of working better together. Individuals and communities pulling together, working with a range of organisations involved in the natural and built environment, to create and maintain spaces and places. This is not just a nice idea […]

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  • New homes being delivered in Ordsall, Manchester

    Place: a shared responsibility? Think piece #2

    By Martin Valentine Leading by example When I decided to set up Positive Homes, it was with a rather lofty ambition– to revolutionise the house building business. Why? Because from where I’d come from, all I saw was cynicism, mistrust, and just downright dishonesty: an unpleasant blame culture where build cheap/ sell high using clever […]

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  • 1450-elvaston-byelaws-blog

    Place: a shared responsibility? Think piece #1

    By Jeanne Booth Stepping out of your front door to uneveness… I stepped out of my front door this morning and watched as my elderly neighbour across the road tentatively negotiated the uneven pavement just outside hers. A fiercely independent piano teacher, now in her eighties, how long before the care needed to negotiate the […]

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