• Re-ordering of St Peter's Church, Peterchurch, Herefordshire by Communion Architects

    Stories from practice: The power and practicalities of participative architecture

    We are always keen to hear how independent practitioners are supporting and engaging with community-led and collaborative design projects in their work and to share some of their experiences and reflections with our audience. In this think piece, architect Alex Coppock of Communion Architects shares his organisation’s approach to working with communities and how a […]

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  • 1492-img_2554

    We must be ambitious and dare to dream about the ideal: Dreaming Utopias in Bow

    When people are asked to consider the future of their place, most often it is through a consultation exercise to inform local services or local development. Consultation practice is guided by the principles of setting clear parameters and managing expectations. Working with our Strategic Partner, the Open University, we were keen to explore what would […]

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  • 1485-img_0154-blog

    Triggering conversations about place: workshop at Paragon

    Place is all around us. We interact with it both consciously and not. Our senses and emotions fire messages to our brain and as they reach it, they can make our heart sink or sing. This was the starting point for a workshop introducing placemaking to a group of residents working with Paragon,  an affordable […]

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  • 1480-the-farmhouse

    Growing Bridgend Farmhouse together

    Tucked away between housing estates in southern Edinburgh, and next to a thriving community allotment, Bridgend Farmhouse languished derelict for many years. Now local volunteers have given it a new lease of life through collaborative grassroots action to achieve the first ever asset transfer for nil cost, from Edinburgh City Council. In 2010 a group […]

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  • 1474-study-visit-hollingwood-hub

    Marple: A community taking action

    “Marple is one of the best places in the world, and Marple Civic Society is proud to be the civic society for the area. However, our mission is to make Marple an even better place to live.” Gillian Postill, Chair Marple Civic Society Since The Glass-House was invited to support the community in Marple in […]

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  • 1470-clh-event-160316

    Delivering Homes Differently: Understanding community-led housing in high demand urban areas

    On 16 March 2016, the day that George Osbourne made a budget announcement of £60 million pounds for community-led housing, we brought together community activists, designers, funders, academics, local authorities, housing associations, developers and policy advisors to explore the current landscape for community led housing in high demand urban areas. Here are some of the […]

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  • Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 20.59.52

    Podcast / Place: who belongs here?

    On 9 March, we held the final debate in our 2015/16 Debate Series in London, exploring the question – Place: who belongs here? Our speakers Radhika Bynon, Amina Gichinga and Des Bournes and many members of the audience shared their views and experiences on the relationship between our sense of belonging in places and how […]

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  • 2016 London Debate

    Place: who belongs here? A round-up of our 2016 London Debate

    In the final debate of our Series A Place for Everyone?, we set out to explore the theme of belonging and connectedness to place. Our setting was Stratford Circus Arts Centre in East London, which sits in a neighbourhood that has seen immense changes to its physical environment, with development for the 2012 Olympic Games […]

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  • Working together on a neighbourhood plan

    Place: who belongs here? Think piece #3

    Designing material infrastructures to facilitate common belonging By Toby Austin Locke and Lawrence Dodd What does it mean to belong, and how are feelings of belonging recreated and shared? Particularly in anthropological traditions, which form a part of both our backgrounds, social and cultural belonging has been a central question. The boundaries of the social […]

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  • 741-london-neighbs-st

    Community-led housing – building homes and capacity

    Housing. Whichever way you look at it, it’s an issue that defines our lives and our communities. With a ‘housing crisis’ currently playing out across the country, the need for additional homes is recognised throughout the nation: we are building, but not enough. Currently, homes are built mainly by private developers, social housing providers, and […]

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