• 1480-the-farmhouse

    Growing Bridgend Farmhouse together

    Tucked away between housing estates in southern Edinburgh, and next to a thriving community allotment, Bridgend Farmhouse languished derelict for many years. Now local volunteers have given it a new lease of life through collaborative grassroots action to achieve the first ever asset transfer for nil cost, from Edinburgh City Council. In 2010 a group […]

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  • 1474-study-visit-hollingwood-hub

    Marple: A community taking action

    “Marple is one of the best places in the world, and Marple Civic Society is proud to be the civic society for the area. However, our mission is to make Marple an even better place to live.” Gillian Postill, Chair Marple Civic Society Since The Glass-House was invited to support the community in Marple in […]

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  • 741-london-neighbs-st

    Community-led housing – building homes and capacity

    Housing. Whichever way you look at it, it’s an issue that defines our lives and our communities. With a ‘housing crisis’ currently playing out across the country, the need for additional homes is recognised throughout the nation: we are building, but not enough. Currently, homes are built mainly by private developers, social housing providers, and […]

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  • 1434-empowering-through-housing_blog

    Celebrating and supporting collaboration in housing in 2015

    Over the past fifteen years, The Glass-House has worked with many social housing providers to support communities and staff to learn, collaborate and make positive changes to improve local places. The past year has been no different and we are proud to share our stories as part of #HousingDay as the sector “celebrates the positive […]

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  • 1431-edible-bus-stop

    Learning from community open spaces: Spaces by Design with Wandle Housing Association tenants and staff

    Designing and managing public space is complex work, and often spaces are established or improved, only to find that after a while they aren’t successful. Earlier this year we explored the challenges and opportunities around public and communal spaces in a Spaces by Design course with Wandle Housing Association residents and staff in South London. […]

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  • Staff from a housing provider working with local residents to collectively explore opportunities for their area in a Glass-House supported workshop.

    Taking a place-based view in supporting neighbourhoods

    This blog post was originally published by the National Federation of ALMOs as part of their annual conference held in July 2015, where Glass-House Strategic Projects Manager Maja Luna Jorgensen was a speaker. ALMOs are special in their long-term investment in the places they own and manage. They are uniquely placed to deliver change and […]

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  • 1293-photo_small

    Is our view of place too short-sighted?

    Is our view of place too short-sighted? On Wednesday 11 February, we put this question to an engaged Bristol audience, who represented the many different faces of placemaking. First speaker, Barra Mac Ruairí, Strategic Director of Place at Bristol City Council,
 kicked off the debate with a yes-and-no answer: Yes, we currently think too short-sightedly […]

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  • One of the workshops delivered by The Glass-House for Kirdford CLP group

    Glass-House supported group get their Neighbourhood Plan through referendum!

    We’re delighted to see the hard work of the community of Kirdford, West Sussex to develop a neighbourhood plan come to fruition. Last week the community voted a solid “Yes!” to the community-developed plans for their local area. The Glass-House helped the Kirdford community early on with hands-on design and community engagement support to enable […]

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  • GH Newcastle Debate 2013

    Place Potential: Can young people be placemakers?

    The second debate of our 2013/14 Debate Series, Place Potential, on Wednesday 20th November continued this year’s exploration by asking, “can young people be placemakers?” The response was a resounding “Yes!” from our four speakers and audience, but not without challenging questions and insights from audience and panel alike. Kevin Franks of Regional Youth Work […]

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  • 1170-img_6134_blog

    Supporting young people to engage in place

    Over the past two years, The Glass-House has been working in partnership with the Citizenship Foundation to develop an educational programme to be delivered in secondary schools, aiming to provide skills development for young people alongside the opportunity to learn more about the changes that are taking place in their local area. The partnership recently […]

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