About Us

The Glass-House Community Led Design wants to make great places a reality for everyone.

We are a national charity dedicated to connecting people with the design of their places, and connecting design with people.

For the past 15 years, The Glass-House has worked to enable people and organisations to improve the design of their homes, open spaces, buildings and neighbourhoods. We provide hands-on support and training, share knowledge and learning, and inspire new thinking and debate through action research, events and resources.




We are an independent advocate for the value of empowering design practices and for the importance of design quality and its effect on people’s quality of life.


We use design to bring people together to work collaboratively to improve their places and support local relationships and networks that help build community.


We empower people and organisations through design by building new skills and confidence that give people the agency to contribute to and lead inclusive local change.


We test new ideas and methodologies with partners, projects and places and share what we learn to inform and innovate design practice.


The Glass-House began in 1999, as an action research project initiated by The Glass-House Trust and led by the Architecture Foundation and National Communities Resource Centre. We launched as an independent national charity in 2006 and have since become a leading voice in the UK on the value of design practices in placemaking that involve and empower.

Since 2013, our work has been supported by a strategic partnership with the Open University’s Design Group. Our partnership innovates, supports and promotes community-led, participatory and co-design practice and research for the benefit of better places for all.

We are grateful for the continued support of The Glass-House Trust for our mission.